Monday, May 18, 2009

New destination for the Intellectuals Circle....

On it's ongoing tour of the MIT campus, the Intellectuals Circle can now be viewed in the lobby of Bldg. 32, Stata Center. It is being displayed in the main entrance, TSMC Lobby at the corner of Main and Vassar in Cambridge, MA. It will be on display from May 18th thru June 8th, 2009
The public is welcome and encouraged to sit and engage in conversation with friends, colleagues or newly found acquaintances.


intellectuals circle said...

Hey good evening Hayami,

I hope one day if I ever make it as a successful entrepreneur, you will be still around designing your resplendent furniture so I can decorate my home ;). Just came across your bench in the Stata Center as I was heading to my usual (secret) study spot. The piece is as elegant and functional as it is intriguing. It reminded me a bit of something Escher would have built if he were a woodworker.

Please keep producing these lovely pieces, and bravo to everyone at the Hobby Shop who helped you out. Hope you get some commissions out of this exhibit.

Take care man and thanks for the unexpected philosophy and high art at MIT...

intellectuals circle said...


Just to say that I ran into your both-ways benches in the Stata Center for the first time recently. Really a beautiful and thought provoking setup. Congratulations!

(This comes from Utreht, Neth.) -- Ralph

intellectuals circle said...

I was fascinated by Hayami Arakawa's "Intellectuals Circle" variation
on the classical loveseat; it's a beautiful piece of furniture, that
will look good in any public space. Have him copyright and license
the design before some manufacturer rips him off.

However as the picture illustrates, adults will feel comfortable only
sitting on the inner row, as it has the wider back support; children
will gravitate to the outer row and pull their legs up onto the seat.

Barry S. Gloger, MD, FAAOS